Spanish movie ‘MY PRISON YARD‘,story of Isa and her friends in the women prison arrested for the different crimes,incapable of adapting to life outside prison,with the help of Adela a prison warden who conduct acting workshop and creates a theater group inside the prison,that will give them the strength to face the hard luck with which they came into the new world,awesome movie documents the real world of westren prison and the mind-set of the prisoners.Directed by Belen Macias,performed by well trained actors,mainly the role Isa was played by the great spanish actress Veronica Echegui,and Candela Pena also acted in the movie as an prison offical


The Tree of Life


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“The nuns taught us there were two ways through life,the way of nature and the way of grace.You have to choose which one you’ll follow”,For a change Im sharing the fell of one of my fav movie”THE TREE OF LIFE” watched long back,but its such an magnificent movie by director Terrence Malick which grabbed the Palme d’Or award at the 64th Cannes Film Festival,the movie was narrated with the childhood memories of an mid aged man circles with the nature of the universe which entangles the human emotions of joy,love,hate and hope and I am really gifted for watching this movie in an big screen at 16th International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK 2011),enjoyed the swirl of images by Emmanuel Lubezki Cinematography,and with the wonderful music by one of my Favorite composer Alexandre Desplat,Im so happy after some years both of favorites who worked in the movie grapped Academy award after this movie,Emmanuel Lubezki for “Gravitiy” and “Birdman” and Alexandre Desplat for “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

The Thief(Academy award nominated Russian movie)


Watched an Russian movie”The Thief”,Set in the period of post world war II which dealt with the life of a child who’s father died before his birth.After some years his mother was attract towards an soldier in a train,posing as a married family they find a house where the solider impress everyone and take them to circus,before the show got over he steal’s every things in their house and escape to other place and will do the same thing there.After some days the child was left alone in this world by charing the solider in jail when his true plan cames to know,and later his mother was died.Decades after the boy was happened to meet the solider and finally what the life makes him to show towards the soldier is”The Thief”.Such an beautiful movie twined with the child’s trust and the struggle of his mother. Directed by Pavel Chukhray,which cast the famous russian actor Vladimir Mashkov as the soldier,acting of Mikhail Filipchuk one who played as a child was really an impressive one ,this movie was nominated for academy award, golden lion in venice international film festival,also recived a great acclodes from all over the world,which realsed in the year 1997



Im Mani Giriesh my passion is towards Film Making,A movie buff loves to watch movies from around the world,also an Psychology student too,which makes me Intrested towards Buddha’s Philosophy(Trying my best to adopt in my pratical life),and apart from all i loves to travel used to wander everywhere,soon  you will realise the meaning of this page title A WANDERING MAN,I’m sharing a quote which brings me a change in myself “Life is to express not to Impress”,i’d like to make you to reach with some good things what ever i crossed in my life which may be A Movie,A Book or My travel experience and some things about the Film festivals i used to attend or whatever…
I may find some diffculty to Impress you with my Langauge skill,but ill try my best to express to make you know some good things which i impresses,

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