The Illusionist

images.jpgThe Illusionist” French-Scottish animated film which was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film in the 83rd Academy Awards directed by Sylvain Chome based on the unproduced script by Jacques Tati(director of “Mon Oncle“),which is belived that the script which was written as a personal letter to his eldest daughter,This movie is a beautiful tale about a struggling magician encounters with a young girl through his tricks in a remote village where magican was appointed to perform in a local pub,once he leaves after his contract she belived that he has a supernatural power with him and she also left from the village,magician was shocked while he saw that lady come and sit infront of him in the ship and both moves to Edinburgh capital city of Scotland,this movie narrates a beautiful relation between the magician and the young lady,that relation is not a thing we used to imagine but it was an different kind,watch this movie to feel that,scenes are expressed mostly without dialogues,and really a different experience for me to watch this animated movie and hope you guys too,each frames looks like a beautiful painting great work by Sylvain Chome & Team which was dedicated to author Tati’s own daughter


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