European Union Film Festival 2016


Every year this festival comes with the best package of recent Europeanmovies, which I never miss in Chennai and this packageis screened across India. This festival is organised by the Delegation of the European Union to India, and this time they screened 24 movies from 24 different European countries. Every year the festival concentrates on a particular theme, which for this year was “Coming of Age”. Most films concentrated on common emotional problems happening in families or relationships. Some of them were based on true stories. Indeed, a joy it is to share my views on some of those movies that impressed me a lot.

1) SILENT HEART(Denmark)

Director :Bille August


Directed by acclaimed Danish director Bille August,the movie “Silent Heart” revolves around the gathering of three generations of a family to say good bye to their sick mother who is suffering with a paralysis. Due to her sufferings, everyone in the family accepts her wish to end her life on her own, but some family conflicts arise day by day regarding her decison.This movie is wonderfully directed by Bille August. He has nicely framed how a woman plans to spend her weekend before the date of death, which she scheduled and the director also brings out her feelings towards family so well. Bille August is the director of much acclaimed movie “Pelle the Conqueror”,  which won the Palme d’Or ,Golden Globe  and  Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1988. It is a nice movie to watch.

2)JACK (Germany)

Director :Edward Berger


Jack, a young boy lives with his mother and a brother, who take care of everything in house. When her mom was out, an unexpected accident happens. While taking care of his brother, he was sent to children’s home where another incident happens because of bullying. Then, he escapes from the children’s home and goes to his house. The house was locked and no key was left in shoe rack as normally used to be. Days pass by as Jack searches for his mother throughout the entire city. Finally, when he finds his mother in his house, he makes a completely different decision, which is the surprise of the movie throughout.

3)WILD DUCK (Greece)

Director : Yannis Sakaridis


Story of Dimitris,a telecom engineer, who is guilty of making a scandal. In order to clear his head, he chooses to uncover the fault which he made.


Director : Janis Nords


This Latvian movie, which grabbed many international awards revolves around Raimonds, a misunderstood adolescent. He is into a world of trouble and petty crimes. He tries to console his mother,and the ways how she deals with Raimonds’ problems and crimes make “MOTHER,I LOVE YOU”


Director : Algimantas Puipa


This movie is based on the novel Villa Edelweiss written by Janina Survilaite. Set in a future world of Lithuania, rich old people living in a luxurious nursing home includes a customs officer, a professor,and a doctor. A newly appointed nurse encounters the strange behaviours of everyone,and she adopts herself to their own imaginary world. Garden of Eden clearly focuses on the emotions of old aged people in their lonely life.


Director : Patrick Ridremont


The movie was recommended by the festival organisers as the best movie in the package. And indeed, it is very much true. William, a middle- aged man is sentenced to death for a murder and he is soon to be executed. As William is asked if he wishes to say something before he dies,William starts telling the story of his life up to the time allotted for execution. This makes the execution delayed to next day and as per the law,he keeps on doing the same thing for some days. His death Sentence is made as a TV program. This movie revolves around how his death is made as a game for a mayor election.


Director : Rebecca Cremona


First of all, it was a surprisefor me to see a film from Malta. Even some audience were not familiar with the name of the country. But when the film ended, there was a roaring applause in the theatre. This movie is based on a real event of simshar tragedy. A fishing vessel departs with four people: Simon, his son Theo and a Somalian man, Moussa.The vessel gets wrecked in a fire incident in the middle of the sea. Theo was travelling for the first time in the fishing boat along with his father. The movie shows the struggle of those four trying to save their lives in the deep sea. Simon is the sole survivor and his son Theo’s body was not found. The movie simultaneously travels with the struggles of African refugees,who were rescued from a boat. This is a beautiful movie from a woman director Rebecca Cremona. This movie is the first Maltaofficial entry to Oscar and at the end this film was dedicated to the people, who are trying to cross the MediterraneanSea.


Director : Roel Reiné


Based on a true story of Michiel de Ruyther, who led the Dutch fleet whileNetherlands was attacked by England and other countries. This film shows the one man intelligence and boldness of Michiel, the only one who led the country’s strongest weapon “The Dutch fleet”


Director : Elisabeth Scharang



True story of a serial killer Jack Unterweger, who was in prison for 15 years for his crimes. Through his poem written from jail, he became very popular outside the prison. After his release as a highly respected poet, he was again suspected for a murder. Please watch this movie to know the suspense.


Director : Lukasz Palkowski


Click here or the photo for my detailed review about this movie as the movie is based on a real story of a surgeon zbigner religo who made the country first heart transplant

11)RYTMUS A Dream from the Block(Slovakia)

Director : Miro Drobný




I was supposed to write a detailed review of this documentary directed by Miro Drobny. This is the best movie and I was deeply impressed in this package based on the interviews of a famous pop singer Rythms. Being a member of a gypsy community, he narrates his struggles and discrimination. Apart from fame, name and money, he was in a deep search to know, where he is basically from. Please stay patient for the detailed review since a paragraph is not enough to describe.


12)URBAN FAMILY(Finland)

Director : Oskari Sipola


It is an excellent musical movie with a most sensitive issue of every adolescent in Western countries searchingfor their biological parents.Urban Family is based on a boy who desires to live with his biological mother after the boy was given in adoption 16 years ago.



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