RYTMUS : A dream from the block


Rhytms a dream from the block is the documentary by Slovakian director Miro Drobny.As he waited for nearly 8 years to finish this movie,for which in a interview Miro Drobny was asked “why should people go and watch this movie”and for which his answer was;“Some movies have the ability to change peoples lives i hope this movie will be motivational in this way”and exactly those words are true after watching “Rhythms a dream from the block”.

This documentry is based on the real life of a popular european rapper Patrik Vrbovský, better known by  Rytmus,who grew as a roma boy and later in his life he become a sensational rapper in europe.Other than money,expensive cars,fame he was in a deep search,as his past life was full of struggles and discrimination of being a roma boy.Patrick was born to a roma father and a white mother, and as his father left him when he was a child till when Patrick who never meet his biological father,thereafter he grew up with his step father whom his mother married later and came to knw that his father was different at the age of 18.Now before going to the content i just want to describe a little about the roma community,Generally they are used to call as gypsies,who are nomadic as they don’t have a permanent place to stay  as they are considered as a low community and as one of the most hated community in europe,they are extremely talented in art and music and those are inherent for them.Patrick was watching the documentry made by Miro drobny,First partick had to give an DNA test to know where his ancestors are from,he made this decison as he had a lot of obstacles and insults of being a roma guy.The documentry  contains the video of his mother, biological father and his ex girlfriends,patrick gives feedbacks simultaneously  of what he encounterd in those situation.Till finally documentry comes to the result of DNA test that his father line belongs to an Haplogroup genes which is common with the people of india who are so called the untouchables.By the measure of this result it is conformed that his ancestors are from india,Partick who arrived india as exactly he was unable to find his ancestors but  wanted to see his roots and to vist the place where his origin was from,exploring to the slums where the area is reserved for lower caste people in delhi and while patrick spending time with them introducing as he was a singer from a gyspy community who lives in europe and found out his roots where in india,and was very excited that the youths of the community are great in music as like roma,apart from everything he was much worried about that they are facing the same kind of discrimination and struggles similar to that of roma people in europe.When peoples are separated wit caste and other stuff he says “whole planet is for us there is a place for everyone.It shouldn’t be divided”as he consult wit his indian guide about the community he says the India ex president was also from this community and he was not ashamed to say that he is from lower caste,he says they can go up economicaly but not to higher castes as partrick says it is similar in europe if a gyspy is rich he’s still a gyspy.Finally Patrick was very happy that he felt his roots in India.Director miro drobny did an excellent job in exposing the roma connection with india and a man searching for a answer apart from all what he had gained so far,it was an excellent journey and director miro proved the words what he had said in the intreviw as this documentry motivates a lot about the journey of patrick from a roma guy to a sensational rapper.I personally thanked Miro drobny for making an amazing documentry and for gifted me a orginal DVD of the movie as being an indian i was much grateful towards Miro drobny that he made me to realize Romas are from India,so i can have a respect towards them if i got a chance to meet some where in any corner in this world.



So far Miro drobny give me the permission to screen this movie in public as we are planning to do this event in a big scale planning with director Miro drobny as a chieft guest in chennai if possible.Thank you so much Miro drobny for ur friendship,collaboration,support and the chance u given to me with hope.

Trailer for the documentary 

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